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Getting Started

Here are some things you need to know as you get started:

Registration and log in

Our mystery shopper database is completely self-maintaining. That means your information will not be in the KSS database unless you put it there. Once you have registered, it is your responsibility to review your mystery shopper profile regularly to be sure it is accurate and up to date. You can change your contact information at any time. Be sure to click the update button in your profile to save your new entries. Don't forget to write down your password for future access to the projects you will submit for KSS!

Shop guidelines

At KSS, we are dedicated to delivering exactly the information our clients expect from their mystery shopping programs, and you are the "front line" support we depend on to meet that goal.

Our clients spend a significant amount of time developing specific forms, guidelines and shop requirements so you have the most comprehensive information possible to complete a successful shop to our clients' specifications. Please read EVERYTHING you receive with your shop confirmation, since all this important information will be sent to you at the time our schedulers assign you to do a mystery shop.

Shop guidelines are also posted with the evaluation forms on the website and MUST be downloaded prior to conducting any assignments. Failure to conduct an assignment in accordance with the guidelines for each client may result in forfeiture of your shop fee. Inaccurate or incomplete assignments will be returned to you for revision and the best way to avoid this is to read everything you receive from us.

Cancellations and extensions

We expect our deadlines to be your deadlines, and that you will submit all shops by the deadline listed in your shop log. If you have unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from completing a project on time, please e-mail your scheduler immediately so that your shops can be rescheduled in plenty of time to make our commitment to our clients. If you fail to meet a deadline and do not contact us, the shop will be immediately reassigned and you will not receive any fees.

If you give us adequate notice that you cannot complete a secret shop we will continue to contact you for future assignments. If you miss a deadline and do not contact us (you must receive an e-mail response to your notification or speak with a company representative), you will be deactivated from our list of active shoppers.


The amount you will be paid, and any reimbursable expenses involved in the completion of each shop, will be listed in your shop confirmation and in your shop log. The amount will vary from shop to shop, so please verify the agreed upon rate before you conduct any shop. When expenses are reimbursed, the amount is typically the face value of the receipt UP TO a maximum allowable amount. No reimbursements will be made for amounts in excess of the maximum allowable, or for out of pocket expenses without receipts AND prior authorization from your scheduler.

KSS NEVER pays shoppers. We work with only the most reputable mystery shopping providers in the business who will pay you directly, and their name is always on the form and in your shop log. You may work for up to 60 different mystery shopping providers if you do a lot of work through KSS, and it is your responsibility to find out payment information about each individual company. Providers have their own payment schedule. Some pay via check, others pay via Paypal. Some pay very quickly, others may take 1 to 2 months. If your payment is not received in a reasonable amount of time (60-75 days), your scheduler will assist you in following up with the mystery shopping provider to check on payment status, however your payment will never come from KSS or its schedulers.

Standards of Conduct

Please be sure to read the information regarding shopper standards of conduct you will find in the Shoppers' Lounge. Please contact us immediately if you do not understand these standards in any way.

We are excited to welcome you as a mystery shopper for KSS, and we hope you find your association with us to be rewarding and enjoyable.


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