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Testimonials From Clients

Three years ago when we decided to outsource our scheduling services, we did a comparison of three companies offering this service. All three scheduling services were given the same project to complete. Kern Scheduling was the only service to complete 100% of the inspections and they did it in less time than originally given to complete the project. Since then, Kern Scheduling has become an integral part of our success.

William G. Ritter
President, Ritter & Associates

I wanted to thank you for your team's tireless effort in partnering with ICC/Decision Services in exceeding our clients' expectations... The relationship we have since formed over the past four years has been a win-win-win for our companies as well as our clients.

Kevin Leifer
ICC/Decision Services

...Business thought leaders realize that corporate vitality and growth are developed and sustained through the creation and maintenance of strategic relationships... Your relationship to Sutter Marketing meets the definition of a strategic partner. Your market insights, work ethics and personal dedication have significantly contributed greatly to our success. In addition, you have constantly worked to improve and enlarge the scope of services that you provide, further increasing your value to our organization.....

Lynn R. Sutter
Sutter Marketing, Inc.

... Lorri and her team have always approached our projects with our best interests in mind, sharing their experience, knowledge and insights and providing us with competent and trustworthy advice and services. We deeply value this relationship and appreciate their commitment to delivering shops that are completed correctly and on time....... Lorri is a problem solver and is quick to present solutions. We value the experience that she has in this industry and feel that Kern Scheduling provides us with the national coverage required for our clients. Kern schedulers present excellent customer service skills and it has always been a pleasure to work with them......

Kathy Harper
Director of Operations, Kinesis-CEM, LLC

... Kern Scheduling has become a vital partner in our day-to-day operations and has allowed Cirrus to provide our clients with highly qualified shoppers on a nationwide basis. Lorri and her staff have consistently come through by scheduling some of the most difficult and obscure locations we have encountered.... With the help of KSS, their encouragement and knowledge, Cirrus has implemented practices which have resulted in significant cost saving....

Monnie Howard
President, Cirrus Marketing Consultants

We certainly appreciate your forward thinking, creative abilities and the "can-do" attitude that you always display when presented with our stringent deadlines and rural locations.

In addition, we are proud of the impact you have had upon the entire mystery shopping industry through your tireless dedication to the Shopper Certification program. Your unselfish commitment to our industry has been exceptional!

Marci Bikshorn
CEO, Service Excellence Group, Inc.

....We had another great year, retaining 100% of our clients, and your company's scheduling work certainly helped us to do so.... I have always been impressed with the quality of schedulers that you bring to us, and most especially their commitment to getting the job done correctly, completely and on-time. This is especially true in light of the fact that we've thrown some extremely challenging projects at you, and you pulled them off without a hitch. As you know, I used other services before you "found me", and to even mention you in the same breath is a disservice to you. Yours is the only company I would trust with scheduling for us....

Ron Welty
CEO, IntelliShop, Inc.

... You have proven over and over again that your scheduling services are reliable and the quality of customer service you provide is top notch. You have contributed to the level of success we have experienced over the past year...

Greg Dale
President, Mystery Shoppers Inc.

... We have utilized Kern Scheduling Services for approximately 5 years. During this time, we have had the pleasure dealing with Lorri Kern, and many of her schedulers. We have always received professional and highly detailed service from all of them. Kern Scheduling has handled everything from small, hard to reach areas, to large metro areas. Whether the job was big or small, we have always received the same top-notch service.

Ross Thomas
President, Reality Check Mystery Shoppers


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